Timing and geologic processes of the Grenville, Taconian, Acadian, and Alleghenian orogenies. How each orogeny shaped the landscape of the northeastern United States .

| July 28, 2015

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


By understanding the four main geologic orogenies, one can have a better grasp on how the landscape of the northeast formed, specifically New York, its observable features, and where the landscape may be headed in the future. 

– The paper must be approximately 25 pages long, NOT INCLUDING the cover page, table of contents, and works cited page. The pages must be numbered.
– The paper must be formatted with 1″ margins on all sides.
– The paper must be double-spaced and typed in a 12-pt. font size. There is to be no additional spacing between paragraphs or sections of the paper; the paper MUST BE double-spaced throughout.
– The paper must include parenthetical documentation of sources using MLA or APA and a substantial Works Cited page (a minimum of 10 sources is required). Footnoting is NOT an acceptable form of documentation.
-The paper must be formatted in the following manner:
– Table of Contents listing the major sections of your paper and page numbers where these sections begin (your final outline can translate well into a table of contents; Remove all Roman numerals and letters when doing this). This indicates that your paper must be divided into major sections with headings. There can be subsections with subheadings as well, however, these do not have to be listed in the table of contents.
– The paper must be divided into sections complete with Headings for each section (as referenced in the Table of Contents). There is NO NEED for “chapters” of any sort for this paper, as the headings will suffice in representing new sections of the paper.
– Works Cited page
– Tables and illustrations may be incorporated into the body of the paper as necessary


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Laboratory Investigation of a Crump Weir

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