Time, money, energy and creativity

  • What does their job involve?

Time, money, energy and creativity

  • What do they like about their job/dislike about their job?

Absolute creativity and should be out this creativity in a way smart and neat in fashion as much you give as much you get and get support from others
What I don’t like which is I’m not at the right place to be a fashion designer it’s a new trend in Saudi Arabia and there and not a lot opportunity which make you to work on all the details of things financial, manufacturing, marketing

  • What makes their job interesting?

Fashion designer which always I want to be and it’s the only way that how I would like to present myself.

  • What education/experience is needed in this field?

Being a fashion designer should learn important things such as sketching to show people you ideas but the most important how to make patron especially if you make it by yourself or working with manufactories.
Sewing is easier than do patron but you are going to make a lot of mistake but at the end you will learn.

  • What challenges have they encountered?

Marketing I don’t have enough knowledge and to find worker help me and if I found they are expensive to work with and its hard to open store and I’m still I have just 2 lines and I’m waiting when people got know me more.
Many problems with the manufactories it hard to find one accept my request of fabric

  • How did they get their start/advance?

since childhood and I used to spend my money on cutting fabrics, was preferred my career is going to buy a piece of cloth and designed by myself or follow fashion magazines
Since high school start sketching then studied fashion schoolthe Department of Fashion Design and Art Kdblomfor 4 years after I graduated from college.

  • What is the best way to enter this field?

To get the right school and have an experience as much you can

  • What advice would they give in pursuing a career in this field?

Is to have an experience with fashion designer to learn from successful and lost

  • What is the starting salary for an entry-level position?

Usually fashion designer they pay for the worker and got paid at the end.

  • Additional questions may be asked, please list the questions.


  • My achievements
  • I can not say that I had the achievements I am in the beginning of the road and released a total of one in the past year and a successful and is now working on two different sets I hope that issued during this year’s first clothes of the evening for the other dedicated to the season of Ramadan is busy buying and selling the season
  • Here in the pictures attached pictures of the previous group named a diamond, which was designed from the same fabrics and won the satisfaction of the public and most of the pieces were Sold