Through the lens of Nightingale theory,discuss hoarding

| February 12, 2014

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Community Care Access centre nurses provide care in people’s homes and are exposed to many different kinds of home environmemts. One of the most challenging is one where the residents are hoarders, which poses a health risk. Through the lens of Nightingale theory,discuss hoarding.Use minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles,2 of which should be from Nursing journals to elaborate on the issue and support your argument.Also use other high quality,credible sources i.e.WHO,Health Canada,RNAO,CNO.Unicef,Doctors without boarders.Adhere to APA format(6 edition) for tittle page,page numbering,spacing,margins,headings,font size and type,quotes,citations,reference page, and organisation of essay.Use minimum quotes and put your argument in your own words.Google Ebscohost library,click on Subject guides then Nursing.Click on Nur102 and choose reading notes on Nursing:What it is,and what it is Not.This will take you more notes on Nightingale theory.Use her ideas to prove your arguments on today’s environment. Write 5 pages minimum, not including title page or reference page.I need a discount because I have another essays to send
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