Thomas Kuhn: Structure of Scientific Revolutions

| April 16, 2015

Thomas Kuhn: Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Pires, F. D. (2013). Thomas Kuhn’s ‘Structure of Scientific Revolutions’ applied to exercise science paradigm shifts: example including the Central Governor Model. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 47(11), 721-722.

According to Thomas Kuhn, scientific processes comprise of three main stages, namely the pre-paradigm phase, the normal science phase, and the revolution phase (Nickles, 2003). He claims that during the pre-paradigm and normal science phases, several individuals have no access to knowledge on particular fields of study. What is more, these people could have an alternative in accessing this information; however, they do not have complete trust in the information. The revolution phase sees the embracing of those subjects by the individuals intending to explore and use them; they have a full understanding of all concepts at this stage. Kuhn vouches for the central governor model (CGD). This is contrary to other scientists who advocate for the traditional interpretation of matters associated with exercise science.


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