Thomas Hobbes

| October 28, 2015

a 3-4 page paper (12 point font, times new roman, double spaced, MLA, format) about your philosopher. including the following: A. A cover sheet with your name, your philosophers name and picture, and the publication or work from which you selected your excerpt. Include a quote from your philosopher in your cover sheet. B.Brief bio on the major events that shaped his/her life including dates she/he lived, age at death, place of birth and death. c. Titles main publications or works (note: give a brief synopsis of his/her famous works; you do not have to list all of their publications) D. Major Contributions to philosophy or thought-what is she/he known for?(you need to explain their major ideas or concepts, not dwell on the regular events of their lives.) E. Explanation of the text that you excerpted-what are the significant ideas presented in the text and what is your philosopher’s position? use your secondary sources to understand where your philosopher is coming from. (Research that excerpt you selected and your philosopher in secondary sources so that you can understand that text better and understand its significance. You may not find research on the specific excerpt you chose, but by studying your philosopher in secondary sources, you will be able to do the excerpt analysis on your own. Make sure you use at least 3 secondary sources in addition to any encyclopedias. F. Your personal opinion on your philosopher’s excerpt and positions. Do you agree or disagree with your philosophers ideology in general and with the points expressed in your excerpt? G. Bibliography- complete references of all materials you use to prepare your paper and presentation- at least 3 referenced are required. Please make sure you include the source from which you got your excerpt.

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