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| September 26, 2015
  1. SEO
  • Jonah to upload latest site with the new tags on all the pages due date 27/7.
  • AR designer: every new uploaded card needs to have a description that includes the key words and a description of the card design e.g. “print this agriculture or nature kenya business card online and enjoy free delivery within nairobi”
  • AR designer: the alt tag descriptions should be differentiated using synonyms as much as possible
  • AR Jonah: use a natural naming scheme for the image filenames e.g. business_card_Kenya_design_01. due date
  • AR Jonah: Add Blog page using plugin that can enable me to add text and images. look for blogging plugin that is already optimised for SEO. 28/7
  1. Change the contact us details – Copy contact us details from the ‘additional requirements doc’. also remove the .com details after username when user is logged in. should just show jonahngarama not


  1. Under Sign In/ Register
  • remove bootstrap logins
  • add job title to sign up form
  1. Under upload your own design – include the message in the additional requirements doc. due 27/8
  2. Under upload your own design – users can upload and preview pdf files. editing is not a required feature here.
  3. 6. Section for Corporate customers
  • button for user to select single card or multiple cards
  • selecting multiple cards causes an ‘Next Card’ button to appear
  • Clicking next card causes card currently in design to go to side bar
  • when user is done designing
  • Jonah to figure out implementation with Chris’s support.
  1. 7. Under order details, option to download PDF. clicking on this launches pop up with the following words. “thank you for choosing to design your card using this option enables you to download a print ready version of your card design that you can take to any printer anywhere in the world. This design will cost you KES 500 only. click to proceed to payment.” after payment is confirmed, user will be emailed the design to their registered email.



Back End

  1. Card Upload Plugin
  • own this card toggle should be available during upload and during approval.
  1. Password recovery – any user (printer, designer, admin) should be able to do a password recovery using standard password recovery mechanism.
  2. My account is not admin on the localhost so was unable to upload in the back end. I’m therefore only doing one test upload and save using the front end
  3. when I add a new text box, it appears exactly on top of the previous one. please introduce some offset so that new added text box is easily distinguishable
  4. When you manage to implement the name call for the corporate card list, it would be great if we could also enable them to be searchable- will explain when I’m home.
  5. Add Company tag line/slogan to the sign up page
  6. In the design tool, have two different text boxes for Name. One for first Name(s) and another for Surname(s)


– Documentation

he ‘Add text’ dropdown with an ‘Add Text’ dropdown with the following sections


– Your Name

– Your Job Title

– Name of Organisation

-Address 1

– Address 2

– Phone Number 1

– Phone Number 2

– Email Address

– Company Website

– Company Slogan

– List of services


This will give the designer freedom to enter any dummy data as long as it is appropriately tagged


– Noticed ranking is improved if you have the words business cards printing Kenya in URL

Connect with me at [e-mail address] or [phone number] to talk business, or if you need a recommendation for a great restaurant the next time you’re in Budapest

Marketing Ideas. – Campuses, Malls

FB, Instagram

-create instagram, fb and email accounts



– The home page previews are ignoring all the uploaded backgrounds when they first load. it then takes a long time to load the backgrounds – high priority

– the home page previews are still not reproducing the design exactly e.g. the margin from text to card edge is different in the preview

– In Sign up No need for both ‘title’ and ‘Job title’. Remove title.

– Add LinkedIn field.

– Add Other field.

– How can I edit a template once it is uploaded?

– Can we make the default text entry fields the length of the card?

– remember to edit the card upload details tool to show more categories. right now it just shows 4 – low priority

– I uploaded a card and the title and category sections have remained blank.

– Can we have at least 1 cross hair on the card to help place things exactly at the center of the card – low priority

– Not seeing any progress on SEO as yet

– I wrote ‘J & K Advocates on one of the cards’ and the text was turned to html tags. Check desktop for image files ‘design error 1’.

– I published one card and it caused 2 entries to appear in the designer uploads table. one of the entries just says title and has no image

– front page preview error. see desktop for ‘preview error 1’. as you can see, only the back of the card is loaded and some of the text from the front is taken to the back.

– Site load time is really slow now

– Please find initial android view designs on C:The Card GuysAndroid Design


– 10 Showcase designs, standard dimensions (UK) 85 × 55 mm

– Facebook Page

– Business Cards history and culture

– Ways to make your business card stand out.

– poll section. which card design do you want us to add (funny -witchdoctor)


-back card is resetting email to original user email

-deleting an attached image doesn’t remove canvas

-fields in signup and profile to be the same



– Fonts are only being loaded until the letter G.

– buy cards icon on hover isn’t showing

– in the home page preview cards on the last line are loading with errors.

*- website field is pulling twitter handle

– Have a tutorial/Guide on the home page

– Long press to shrink/expand text box (leftkey, rightkey)

– see error with order summary on desktop. mix up between estate and Hse number

– Place order delay. user can click place order twice. shouldn’t generate two orders

– Payment error – transaction was for 1900 but confirmation read 2100. see payment error on desktop

*- login error. logged in with Winnie’s details and conducted transaction. when I clicked go to dashboard after payment, went to dashboard with my details.

– In the back end, the additional cards to be printed should be 2 not 5

– Same day delivery within Nairobi for orders placed before Noon

– Confirmation of papyment

– download PDF option doesn’t work

– *see error no preview of ordered card. in the back in new incoming orders, winnie’s card didn’t preview.

– replace contact phone number with orange line from Winnie

– the favourites message is missing

– the preview generator still causing errors. see favourites error on desktop

– See desktop for error grammar and broken link.

– see desktop for error bg moved. add content past the edge of a card causes the bg to be shifted.

– see error spelling and grammar. spelling for ‘different’. should read ‘use one template to make cards with different details. all your cards are listed here’

– 12 designs per page not 10 (for proportionality)

– speed of site

– SEO ******

– Your John Doe card is not editable

– In corporate mode, you should be able to easily delete a card that you don’t want.

* Hover on ‘New’ button shows proceed (Waiting further input)– it should say click to add new card

– Check out weird card preview during order on the desktop. it’s like there’s a faded out image of the card on the bottom right of the card.

– in corporate mode, the price table is mixed up. please use the correct price table.

– Super admin should be able to change the price of any card from back end

-logging me out

– font dropdown (sometimes dropup?) is a mess.

– I uploaded a card and it wasn’t selectable. see the eat your vegetables card.

-last row in home not working

-one loader

Show popup form in homepage

– * I saved without selecting category. led to details not showing up in the table.

– retain colour selection.

– Enable feature in tool to autopopulate logged in user’s details on adding a new text box, and designer dummy data on adding a new text box          (Check cards for details).

– checked the speed test results and the lowest scores are as below. how can we fix these

– please specify the width and height attributes of the following image files to get faster performance

– if you specify for the items below to be cached and expire maybe once a month, then they won’t have to be reloaded each time a client visits the site.


– please visit this page for all the proposed fixes to speed up the site including rescaling the banners from 1600*400 to 731*183

– front end display issues persist (bad rotations, last line of cards disfigured, and wrong display worst on IE)

Jina&Jina Architects and Consulatants

– Draft feature still isn’t enabled


The Card Guys is a dynamic business cards design and printing company. They pride themselves as one of the leading creative agency that offers their clients widest selection of the type of business cards they need. browse through the website for hundreds of professional and unique business card templates which you can customize and order online. They also offer free delivery with Nairobi.

all cards should be displayed before any card is repeated


under edit your profile

– Add Job title and remove title

– Add corporate slogan

– user should be able to add multiple phone numbers, address lines

– edit your profile not ideally placed. should be part of the dashboard


– all cards should be displayed before any card is repeated


Huge security risk. I think someone tried to sign up and when I clicked sign up, I got their sign up email and 4 digit password (hidden)

when I clicked login the details were prepopulated

there’s something wrong with the upload module

– Splash should say log in not sign up

– splash not displayed correctly in chrome and safari. the button is moving around and the size of the splash isn’t consistent.

– Have to figure out a solution for IE. Either Fix or disable

– please remove the sentence below in the upload instructions

– there’s no way to go to previous in the font’s list after you’ve loaded a new page.


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