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All discussions are set in post first mode, which means you must create an original post before being allowed to view your classmates’ postings. Original post should occur within 24 hours of the assignment. For this discussion, you will have two parts. You must complete all elements of the discussion to receive full credit. Be sure to check both grammar and spelling as mistakes will result in a loss of points. Be sure to cite your sources.

PART 1) Jose’s question – “In chapter 7, an International Perspective on Courts by Reichel, we looked at the “judiciary from an institutions/actors perspective”. Very briefly describe and compare some legal professions that are considered unified and those that are specialized. How does the U.S. differ from Socialist, British, and Islamic Legal Professions? Would you agree the United States criminal justice system would benefit more if it was to follows other countries’ specialized training, why or why not?”

Sabri’s question – “Court organizations around the world reveal a strange combination of similarity and uniqueness” (Reichel, 2013). Among these examples of court organization systems, which system you would like to prefer and why? If you were asked to plan a court system, what system you would bring up with?

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