This house believes that representations of people's religious commitments do not belong in the workplace

| March 11, 2014

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I am a business student who studying in Ethics, Organisations & Society.
I have done the debate with I debated on motion topic group, not against this topic. I aslo upload my dialog part and all instruction.
Section 2: Individual Report (60%):
Hand in (section 2) 28th March 2014, 2pm, via Moodle
You are required to write your own individual report (this is not a group report) of a minimum of 1500 words and submit within the assignment section on Moodle. The report should detail:
1. Evaluate the topic you debated from the perspective of different normative ethical theories. Choose theories which you consider relevant and justify why they are relevant for the topic.
2. Your own views on the topic after considering from all perspectives. Present a valid argument to support your viewpoint. Don?t just rely on the debate ? perhaps there are issues you think the debate failed to mention. Be sure to provide references to support your views and to help produce a logical argument.
3. Identify the key ethical considerations presented by the topic that people should be aware of.
The report should include a file of your presentation notes (printed slides and/or cards, etc) in the appendix and may be with the hard copy. Do not combine presentation notes with other members of your team ? these must be your own personal notes.
Marking Criteria
Section 2 (60%):
1. Suitable evaluation of the issue from a variety of ethical
theoretical approaches. (35%)
2. A well-thought through, balanced argument showing
comprehensive evaluation from all perspectives (35%)
3. Identification of ethical issues (30%)
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Poverty Across Cultures
How can the two sides resolve their different approaches without violating U.S rules against bribing foreign officials?


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