This dissertation seeks to explicate how science relates to technology in bringing about innovation in a new context using the analysis of comparative economic differences in innovation between China and West focusing on mobile phone technology.

| October 26, 2015

The paper will be double spaced, no longer than 25 pages of written text, I do need some subtitles and some headings. You will have a cover page and full bibliography of citations.
Please based on the proposal to write the research paper. I will upload the proposal, you should also look at the ppt I upload, it should be useful, try to use the citations that I provided. The paper should be specific topic, specific ideas, specific countries and specific time period.
This is the topic what I choose. Simply answering the questions listed is not sufficient.
The changing role of science in technological change. What is the relationship between technology and science? Is one necessary for the other? If so how? Does the LCB view that science was a necessary antecedent for the industrial revolution hold? How does this relationship translate into successful creation of competitiveness in the West relative to China and Islam?
I will upload the citation lists as well.
Please try your best to finish it perfectly, thanks.

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