third module

| November 14, 2015

As we move into our third module in this course you will delve into the area of personal integrity, self-reliance, and application of these concepts to the Criminal Justice arena. To begin, review each of the videos and readings provided below. Once you ave reviewed these, use the discussion board to prepare a short essay focused on the following concepts: Which “rule” of Admiral McRaven’s speech resonated most strongly with you–and why? What element of personal power do you find most challenging to manage in your own life — and why? If you were working as a field-level Criminal Justice supervisor, how might you apply the rules and concept presented above to foster an environment where discipline could be applied positively, fairly and appropriately within your organization (for both superiors and subordinates)? Again, I am looking for a short essay (approx. 3-4 paragraphs) that addresses each of these aspects in a clear a concise manner tied to the videos and readings. I would encourage you to cite your sources (preferably in APA style) when appropriate. Once you have submitted your essay on the discussion board, select at least one of your classmates’ responses that resonates strongly with you–positively or negatively, and provide feedback on their posting as well. This assignment is due no later than 11:59 P.M. on November 18, 2015. Have fun and see you online! -Dr. Brightman Required Video (Admiral McRaven Speech on Personal Power): Video found at Required Video (Power & Influence: (Types of Power)) Video found at Required Video (Negative Power and its influence on Organizations – Case Studies) Video found at Required Reading (Police Disciplinary Actions: Balance and Unintended Consequences) Reading found at

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