Think of a time when you encountered a resistant client. What specific behaviors did the client exhibit that seemed resistant to you? How did these behaviors hinder the counseling process?

| May 28, 2014

Whether you addressed these behaviors successfully or struggled with finding more appropriate methods for doing so, skills for dealing with client resistance are crucial to your work as a counselor.

In this paper, you will consider a client with whom you have worked whose behaviors seemed resistant, evaluate the strategies you used to address these behaviors, and suggest a strategy that may have been more effective.

Review the article “The ‘No-Show’ Phenomenon and the Issue of Resistance Among African American Female Patients at an Urban Health Care Center.” Reflect on the strategies that might be used to address the types of resistant behaviors discussed.

• Consider various strategies which may have been more effective than those you used to address your client’s resistant behaviors.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of a client with whom you worked who exhibited resistant behaviors. Describe at least two of the behaviors that he or she exhibited. Then, describe the strategies you used to address the behaviors, evaluating the effectiveness of each strategy. Finally, suggest at least one strategy you may have used that could have more effectively addressed the behaviors.

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The purpose of the personal profile assignment is to bring all of those activities together and ask you to consider those reflections to determine whether your thoughts have lead you to acknowledge that some form of change is necessary. We have asked you to focus on your strengths to enable you to understand where, in a given situation, you may be able to use your strengths to change your actions and potentially improve the outcome.
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