Think about the way food is categorized and arranged in a supermarket. who benefits from the existence of these categories? how?

| February 25, 2014

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Discussion #3: Categorizing the World – Reply to this post by writing a thoughtful response (10sentences) to one of the discussion questions on p. 51 of RTW. Next, comment (with at least 5 sentences) on the responses of two classmates.
the discussion questions is
Think about the way food is categorized and arranged in a supermarket. who benefits from the existence of these categories? how? what reasons might a store manager have for changing the way the food is categorized?
use 10 sentences to write the own response. the two classmates that u need to response are the following paragraphs
1st classmate paragraph
My eating habits have changed in various ways if I compare them in the last decade with my parents and grandparents.
I eat not only different foods but also at different times. The society develops rapidly, so many supplies are afforded to us. Also, some unknowable things which I didn?t see before are transited from all over the world and developed by new technology. Besides, my routine has changed, so I have to get used to the new eating times. For instance, if I work night shift, I probably sleep on day time and get meals at late night. Nowadays, I prefer to get meals in restaurants than at home. I think it depends on different classes, issues, and regions. If I am rich and pay attention to nutritious and healthy meals, I might hire an advanced chef at home to cook for my family. While I get meals for business, I think most of us will eat in fancy restaurants. With the awareness of eating changing, more and more people are not focus on feeding them any more but health and nutrition. For example, both my parents and grandparents keep the left over foods in refrigerator, but I don?t think it?s a good habit. I?ve never kept the left over food because those foods produce nitrite that is harmful to our physical health. All in all, my eating habits are different from my parents and grandparents in several ways.
2nd paragraph is
Food is categorized and arranged in a supermarket. I think customers are the biggest beneficiaries. Fist of all, the convenience of customers to find items. In supermarket we always see the store shelf hanging a category signs and other graphic identity, etc. These category signs like road signs, and it?s easy to help customers find items. Moreover, the convenience of customers to see goods. Supermarkets often put the items in good view, so as to cause the attention of the customer. Finally, the convenience of customers take goods. In supermarket the commodity display cannot be too high, and can make the customer easy to get or put the goods back. Sore manager through the item’s classification and arranged and let customers shopping more convenient. This kind of method to make the customer would prefer to come here to consumption. Along with the increase in customers, its sales rose as well.
each one u should use 5 sentences to response, don ot copy use own words , 3q…
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Discussion #3: Categorizing the World
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