Things Fall Apart. As the story progresses, Okonkwo and his culture

| July 17, 2015
Work on finishing Things Fall Apart. As the story progresses, Okonkwo and his culture are tested by the arrival of the British. Your responses to each of the questions should be at least 140 words long. 1. In chapter ten we are introduced to the egwugwu. Do you think the adults at the ceremony really believe they are looking at ancestral spirits? Explain yourself, of course. 2. Obierka is described as a “man who thought about things” (125). What is his purpose in the story? 3. Examine the way Mr. Brown deals with the people of Umuofia. How is he, in a sense, using the Good-Bad Rule to make Umuofia’s people more receptive to colonial control? 4. In what ways does the narrator Achebe seem to criticize the British? Does the narrator see the colonial presence as positive in any way? Does Achebe also criticize the Ibo culture throughout the story? 5. It seems that Okonkwo is one of the few who wishes to put up a fight against the British while others appear to have accepted British rule and still others have whole-heartedly joined them. Are any of these three groups using their heads or are they all being controlled by their guts?

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