Thesis and Source Discussion

| May 20, 2015


lets just create our thesis..ill take care of responding to other students..this is classwork..and goes into discussion part of is whats asked…doesn’t have to be exactly 275 words..

Post your working thesis and explain briefly what types of sources you want to research to support that thesis. Respond to at least three other students’ thesis and source explanation.

This discussion is intended to help you analyze your research paper work as you start it.

Questions to ask and answer about a working thesis sentence:
•Is the thesis actually a thesis – that is, does it present an issue or a point of view about a topic, as opposed to simply being a topic or a question?

Questions to ask and answer about proposed sources to support that thesis:
•In your best estimation, should the type of source yield appropriate information to support the thesis?
•What type of information would you, as a reader and a critical thinker, expect to see in support of the thesis?



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