| November 16, 2015


please answer the two questions below

I want it after 24 hours

with grade A+++


1)                      1)During the compression of 0.01 lbm of air in a cylinder heat is transferred through the cylinder walls to keep the air at a constant temperature. The air pressure increases from 15 psia to 150 psia the air is fully compressed. The initial specific volume of air is 7.4 ft^3/lbm. Determine the operating temperature, the change in internal energy and the enthalpy, the work done and the heat transferred during this process. (BB example 6-6)



2)              2)  (Book 6-49) Air at 100F is isothermally compressed from 1 atm to 5 atm. Determine the work done on 1 lbm of air and the heat removed during the process.

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