Thermodynamic Cycle Analysis

| February 10, 2014

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Assignment Outline
Using the skills that you have been developing in the classes, you are required to analyse the thermodynamic characteristics of an engine cycle. Using real data, from a real production engine, you will perform a thorough analysis of the data, highlighting the key thermodynamic parameters of the engine. You will also be required to produce a basic simulation model and then test this model to assess its feasibility and limitations as a general simulation model.
1. You need to analyse a set of thermodynamic pressure data, acquired from a real engine test session and use this data to determine the parameters and characteristics of the engine. You will need to determine how the pressure changes with piston position and volume, the polytropic index of the compression and expansion processes, the amount of heat released, the degree of heat transfer, the work done by, or to the system at different stages of the cycle, the positions of start and end of combustion and any other interesting parameters you can determine from the data.
2. From first principles, you will then need to develop a thermodynamic simulation model using both your thermodynamic understanding and the process parameters that you determined from your initial analysis. You then need to validate your model as best as you can highlighting any discrepancies or limitations that you may find.
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