Therapeutic framework for Atrial Fibrillation

| February 12, 2014

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I am a Masters student studying pharmacy. I had previously ordered the above research paper from another essay writing service but the final result was less than par and guaranteed to fetch me poor marks. I would therefore like to first of all plead with you that this order be thoroughly researched and written in line with the specifications that i will be making.
I have attached a document which gives the overall specifications for each section of the paper. More importantly however, i have attached a copy of paper i had previously ordered (not from your site) and a draft of the actual paper which i obtained from a friend (which is close to completion). This is so that you compare and contrast how the paper should be written up vs how it shouldn’t be written up in terms of the level of detail. Might i add that the draft of the actual paper attached should be used as a guide especially with its references but should NOT be plagiarised.
I will also like to add that the following sources (which you will find in the proper draft) SHOULD be used in writing up this framework. They include: cochrane database, MeReC, the NICE guideline for atrial fibrillation which is found on,, as well as the British National formulary and Rang Dale’s pharmacology textbook. As i said earlier, all other references/sources can be found in the well written draft attached. There are other files which i would like to attach that i consider to be useful for the paper so please do let me know how i can send that to you. If you also require any further information or clarity with regards to any of the sections the please do let me know. The paper has to be written by a pharmacist which you would see has to reflect in some sections.
Finally,may i request that the paper be referenced in Vancouver style if possible.
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