Theology and Philosophy

| March 23, 2015

This assignment is designed to encourage you to reflect upon the nature of God from a philosophical rather than religious perspective. After completing this week’s readings, write a 3–4-page essay explaining at least two approaches to the nature and existence of God.

  • Explain the difference between theology and philosophy.
  • Describe at least two philosophical approaches to the nature and existence of God, then compare and contrast them.
  • What are the similarities and differences between your personal beliefs about God and the accounts of God we have studied this week? For instance, does natural theology give us a means to determine what our purpose is and how we should live our lives? Why, or why not?




Explained the difference between philosophy and theology.
Explained at least two philosophical accounts of God from the assigned readings and lectures. Cited support from the primary text selections in the chapter as well as authoritative secondary sources such as the course text and online lectures in correct APA citation.
Compared/contrasted the selected philosophical accounts.
Compared your own religious beliefs to the two philosophical approaches chosen.
Used correct spelling, grammar, and concise language


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