The Virtual Philosopher

For this week’s Discussion, you complete an ethics exercise, The Virtual Philosopher. How you answer the questions in this exercise may provide you with insight regarding your ethical reasoning process, including the premises upon which you base your choices. As you complete this exercise, record your answers in the Virtual Philosopher Notes document available in the Learning Resources section.
You need only record your responses, and explain your reasons for selecting a liver transplant candidate in this Discussion.
To prepare for this Discussion:
Open Media and complete an ethics exercise, The Virtual Philosopher
•Laureate Education (Producer). (2012). Virtual philosopher [Interactive media file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.
•Obtain and complete the Virtual Philosopher Notes document from this week’s Learning Resources.
•Open Document: Virtual Philosopher Notes (Word document)
•Read MacKinnon, B. (2012). Ethics: Theory and contemporary issues (concise 2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
•Chapter 1, “Ethics and Ethical Reasoning” (pp. 3–14). Also begin to think about your own current viewpoints regarding ethics.
With these thoughts in mind:
Respond to the following questions:
•How did you answer “The Liver Problem” (saving human lives)?
•Why did you select this particular candidate to receive the liver transplant?
Include ethics-related terms in your post, and be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources.
Practice APA style for your in-text citations.