The Use of Technology in the classroom

| May 23, 2014

1. Introduction – Identify the problem being investigated, the technology being used to investigate the problem, and what is to be accomplished in the investigation.

2. Body of essay – Describe how the technology will be used to acquire, assess, analyze, and communicate scientific information.

3. Conclusion – Summarize the connections between the acquisition, assessment, analysis, and communication of scientific data through the use of technology.

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Argumentative essay: The disadvantages of alternative fuel vehicles
You are a travel agent with two new sets of clients. The first client couple is Couple A, who are newly married and are planning to spend one week of their honeymoon in Venice, Italy. The date of arrival is Thursday 30th August with departure on Thursday 6th September 2012. Couple B consists of the wife’s parents who are also interested in going to Venice at the same time for the same duration. The couples will be independent of each other while in Venice. That means that they will meet up occasionally for meals and perhaps take some excursions together if it meets their needs and wants.

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