the use of opioid analgesics in chronic pain in the community

| May 20, 2015

A systematic literature review on “the use of opioid analgesics in chronic pain in the community” leading to the production of guidelines for use in Saudi Arabia (or in the middle east).

The opioid analgesia could be used for patients recovering in the community following an operation/surgery (post-operative), those with a chronic/long-term condition requiring pain relief or those requiring palliative care (e.g. those with terminal cancer). The structure/format of the guidelines should be modelled on national UK (NICE), US guidelines or those of an equivalent standard. The contents will reflect the situation in Saudi Arabia (middle east) in terms of the limited range of opioids that are available for therapeutic use in the country.

This is my dissertation template will include:

– Title page

– Abstract, etc.

– Table of contents

– Introduction/Background

contextual review of background literature, include aims and their justification, and scientific hypothesis (research question)

– Materials and Methods

Methods i.e. relating to the systematic literature review, databases searched, search-terms, search strategies, language(s) used, time-period, etc.

Inclusion and Exclusion criteria

Summary of this process in terms of number of hits for each search term or combination of search terms broken down by database used (e.g. Google Scholar, Medline/Pubmed/Scopus, etc.); how many duplicates; how many regarded as relevant. More detailed results can always be added as an appendix. It is suggested you keep the details of each search in an Excel workbook or something similar.

Ethical considerations

Any special software used

– Results (Data Synthesis)

– Discussion (including choice of guideline models, limitations)

– Conclusions and Recommendations

– References

– Draft Guidelines

– Any appendices

But, I need from the writer to write only 4 pages, so, you should start to write for me:
– Abstract ( <400 words )
– Aknowledgment ( very breifly)
-Table of contents
-Introduction (2500 words)



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