The UK Northern Rock Bank

| April 6, 2014

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Critically assess the reasons for the failure of the UK’s Northern Rock bank at the start of the last financial crisis, and assess who was responsible and whether the bank failure could have been avoided. ( Between 1300 to 1450 words)
1. Short introduction ( Brief summary of the Northern Rock Bank Business and what it’s doing)
2. A discussion of the main issue and how the crisis happened.
3. A development of the relevant concepts and theory that you are using to examine the issue. Discuss differences of opinion or views, and/or apply the theory of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection, the concepts to what actually happened. To explain why the theory and/or concepts are of value in achieving the aim. Use them to examine causes and effects, evaluate outcomes, or judge responsibility for outcomes for example. In this section you are more likely to have sources from text books, financial journals, specialist magazines such as the economist, etc. Focus on market failure theory in particular.
4. A section where you use detailed evidence from different sources about the issue together with the theory of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection, to explore what happened. This is analysis. The idea is to discuss, evaluate and comment. The comments are the views, and should be drawn and based directly from your discussion and evaluation.
5. Conclusion.
Very Important Notes:
1. Please NO Wikipedia information, use only Valuable websites (with Harvard style citation) as: BBC, Financial Times, Market line, Mintel …
2. Please brand new work (as I faced an issue by a website before about the High similarities with other student which cased to us both failing on the subject and issue with the website).
3. Please use Simple and normal Vocabulary as Bachelor degree level.
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