The topic of my chosen dissertation Proposal is – Mobile information systems and its impact on the organization and organizational members using Field Service Management System

| June 25, 2015

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Further Information

Learning Outcomes tested in this assessment (from the Module Descriptor):

2. Critically understand and professionally deal with the wide range of legal, professional, social and ethical issues and responsibilities that relate to their future working within their subject discipline.
3. Critically evaluate various research approaches, methods and techniques.
4. Produce a Research Proposal based on searching, retrieving, selecting and critically evaluating information

Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:

See attachments to the specification

Nature of the submission required:

An electronic copy of your work must be submitted to TurnItIn using the links in the module folder on the eLP (Blackboard). This must be a single MS Word or PDF file. Output from Excel or MS Project showing the project plan should be embedded within this file.

Instructions to students:

This is an individual assignment.

Referencing Style:

Any ‘standard’ referencing system – Harvard or British standard (numeric) for example

Expected size of the submission:

You must aim to write succinctly. A maximum of five pages should be sufficient.

Academic Conduct:

You must adhere to the university regulations on academic conduct. Formal inquiry proceedings will be instigated if there is any suspicion of misconduct or plagiarism in your work. Refer to the University’s regulations on assessment if you are unclear as to the meaning of these terms. The latest copy is available on the university website.

Important Notes:

1. If for personal reasons you cannot submit by that date, and you feel you have grounds for requesting an extension, you should complete a Late Approval Form. You should submit it to the Student Office in Pandon Building.

2. As 50% contingency has been written into the schedule it is unlikely that requests for extensions will be granted. Any requests would need strong supporting evidence and, if granted, would result in consideration of the student at a Progression and Awards Board being delayed until February.

(60% of the marks for the module)

This is a summative assignment – the marks will count towards the final module total, and the Assessment Regulations for Northumbria   Awards (ARNA) will be strictly enforced.


For this part of the IS0752  assignment you must produce a proposal for a short research project. This is the 60 credit project that you will study as part of your postgraduate programme.  The module you study for your project will depend upon the programme you are studying:

Computing students CG0174 MSc Project
Engineering students EN0542 MSc  Engineering Project
Information Systems students IS0718  Masters Dissertation

This assignment is therefore doubly important:

• It accounts for 60% of the marks for IS0752
• It is essential preparation for your research project.

As stated, the research project will account for 60 credits (one-third) of your programme  of study. Typically, you will spend 600 hours on this project.

Your research proposal will be approximately 1500 words, or 5 pages, and specify the background and motivation to the project; its aims and objectives; a plan of the major activities. Your proposal should draw on current and recent research and other appropriate sources of information and cite these sources using a standard referencing system. The proposal will be assessed by your supervisor and second marker. They will give detailed feedback and provide suggestions and comments on how to improve the project.

This proposal should be based on the outcome of the contacts you must have with your research project supervisor. This supervisor will normally be confirmed with you by the end of August. Your supervisor will provide individual support and formative feedback during the preparation of your research proposal.

Your supervisor and another lecturer (referred to as the second marker) will mark this proposal.

Research Proposal

This must contain:

1. Aim: which should summarise  what project will achieve in one or two sentences, often in the form of a research question

2. Background: This is typically 500-1000 words that explain:

a. Why you intend to do it, i.e. why the project is worthwhile and relevant.
b. What you intend to do, i.e. a brief summary of what activities will be undertaken in the project.
c. How you will proceed, i.e. what method you will use in order to achieve the aim

This should draw on suitable sources of information and cite them appropriately

3. Objectives: the steps you will have to complete in order to achieve the aims.

4. Ethical issues: this should include a reflection on whether any ethical professional legal or social issues need to be considered in the project
5. Resources / Constraints or any external limitations, such as availability of a client. Distance Learning students will also need to consider how they will present their viva

6. Schedule of Activities: should include milestones, cross-referenced to objectives. This may be presented as a Gantt chart

7. References: primarily used to support your background section.



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