The Topic is Use of Canola in Animals? Nutrition

| February 16, 2014

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The outline of the literature Review
Assignment #1 (words number 2500 without references list) Due date is 27/11/2013 (20 references are needed for each assignment)
The topic is Use of canola in animals? nutrition
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Nutritional value of canola
This section will discuss the nutritional value of canola in animals.
3.0 Nutritional impact of canola on animals
4.0 Competitiveness of canola meal
5.0 – Conclusion
Assignment#2 (words number 2500 without references list) Due date is 25/12/2013
The topic: How does processing of canola seed affect the quality of canola meal for poultry nutrition?
1.0 Introduction
2. Processing canola
a) Solvent extraction
b) Expeller
c) Cold press
D) Economics of crushing. Oil vs. meal.
3. Effect of processing on canola quality
4. Processing and the Maillard reaction
A) Lysine epsilon amino group reaction with reducing sugar
B) Measuring Maillard reaction products
C) Digestibility vs. availability of AA?s
6.0 Conclusion
Assignment # 3(words number 2500 without references list) Due date is 25/01/2014
The topic is Methods for improving the nutritional quality and increasing use of canola meal on poultry nutrition
1.0 Introduction
2.0- Quality of canola
3.0- Improving canola meal nutritional quality
3.1- Impact of seed size on their digestibility and broiler growth performance
3.2 Impact of different levels of canola meal on broiler performance
4.0- Quality issues regarding canola meal
5.0 – Increasing canola meal usage
6.0- Conclusion
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