The Technology of you Favorite Ecommerce Site

| May 21, 2015

Think about your favorite eCommerce site. Think about site speed, features and functionality, and customer service. What role does technology play in why you like this site the best? (Please write about

I expect that you will:

-review any e-commerce site, looking for indicators of the ways in which they have used technology to be successful
-use the concepts from the module to describe how this business may be succeeding with technology
-ensure that your post complies with the guidelines provided in the Policies and Expectations document
-post substantive responses to at least 3 of your classmates’ posts. (below is 3 of the posts by my class mates please comment at least 1/2 to 1 paragraph each)

1. Think about your favorite eCommerce site. Think about site speed, features and functionality, and customer service. What role does technology play in why you like this site the best?

Okay I know I talk about this site but I think to me it is the definition of a perfect(but still always growing) example of an e-commerce site. Modcloth is easy to use. The categories you can shop from make your shopping experience easier(not difficult, like many other sites) it loads fast, despite having a lot of content, especially picture heavy content. Customer service is fast, and friendly. Every time you can tell you are talking to a real person who is passionate about the company and you as a customer to make sure you get what you want and to make sure you return. Everything is really user friendly in terms of ease of accessability, but also friendly and not intimidating. Technology plays an important role in the site, making sure everything looks nice and loads fast. They really built on a lot of things onto their site to get community feedback. I love their user submitted style gallery! Not every site has this and I think it is so worthwhile to see the clothes on real people.

2. For this Discussion I picked Alexander Wang, like I told you in my e-mail; I am currently visiting China, as soon as I opened up the Alexander Wang’s website they detected that I am in China so the site atomically changed into the Chinese version. I think their website is really really elegant! Clean, chic, and fashionable. I previously purchased on their website before, they do not have an online chat service however, their customer representative response my inquiry really fast, (I was asking when will the item be in stock again, the item I was trying to purchase was out of stock) and they even considered what I may like and suggested an replacement item for me. The website offered free shipping frequently, and they have lots of promotion, Sales. The Best feature on their website is like AllSaints’s Studio they have an Alexander Wang studio page, on that page you can see Campaigns video, Latest news about this brand, and their events, store location and Collaborations, it really helped me to understand this brand better and fell in love with this brand. So I think their e-commerce architecture is well developed and I will give them a 8/10 for that.

4. Technology plays the role that keeps the site up and running! It does so many things that the average consumer doesn’t even think about. What makes sites stand out today are the added features that are visible to us though. Speed, efficiency and ease of use are the really obvious features of a behind the scenes technology but the new tools that consumers can interact with make the site more modern and entertaining. One tool that I really enjoy on the site is the customize your own garment. This is a mainly children’s clothing site. There is the Ceremonial dress product page that gives you the option to “Design your own Ovale Baby’s ceremonial gown”. I was able to design one and then to virtually see it ready. This is really special because if it is for you



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