the study of communication

| June 19, 2015

the study of communication

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Pick one of those articles from the first half of the course (January 13-Feb 10) and
write about it!
3. A “reading response” paper is exactly what it says: It is a paper that asks you to
respond to the arguments, evidence, and consequences outlined by the author in
the article or chapter you have selected.
4. To respond to those things you have to first establish that you understand what
the main arguments and evidence are. What is the question or questions they are
trying to answer with their arguments? What is the point of their article? Are
they responding to something written by someone else, by events taking place in
the world, by seeing a piece of art? This is the first half of your paper.
5. Now that you have established that you understand the main arguments and
evidence presented in the reading, now is your opportunity to offer your own
reaction to them. Do you agree with them or disagree? Does it affect the way you
think about something? For example, does reading surveillance in the Internet
age make you change the way you think about the “openness” of digital culture?
When you read Jesper Juul’s article on video games does it make you think about
the role that failure plays with media technologies? If so, say that it does and tell
me how it changes the way you think about it. This is the second half of the
6. Feel free to organize your paper with sections and headings if you wish. Here is s
suggested format to organize your thoughts (but you can do it another way if it
works for you) along with some questions to consider (although you probably can’t
answer all of them):
a. Background: Here you are telling me about the article. Who wrote it,
when they wrote it, where they wrote it, why you think they wrote it. Was
it part of a book? Was it a response to something someone else wrote?
b. Main Arguments: What is the point? Can you find a thesis statement?
c. Evidence offered. How do they prove the points they are trying to make
d. Reactions: What do you think? Were you convinced? Why is this
significant to the study of communication? How might one or two of the
ideas presented in the reading be applicable to a contemporary example?
e. Conclusion: Summarize the arguments and your view of them
7. If you get anything from an academic source or from an article or website, please
make sure to cite it at the end of the paper in a section called “Sources Cited”.


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Grodzki, L. & Allen, W. (2005). The Business and practice of coaching: Finding your niche, making money, and attracting ideal clients.
Benchmark Assignment: Applying Theory to a Practice Problem: Part 3: Application of Borrowed Theory to Problem and Conclusion

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