The Silent Client – Week 5

| November 17, 2015

After reading Yalom and Leszcz’s “The Silent Client,” write a paper about how you would interact as a group leader in the following scenario:
Kyla is a 20-year-old Asian woman who is involved in your Gestalt group for anxieties. She is the youngest member of the group and was referred through her college guidance counselor. The group is open-ended, but closed to new members. The group consists of three Caucasian females, two Caucasian males, one African American male, and Kyla. It is the beginning of the fifth group session, and you have observed that Kyla has been silent during the previous two sessions. She also exhibits nonverbal cues such as staring at the floor, picking at the hem of her blouse, and closing her eyes when someone shares a poignant experience. In this session, Kyla’s single attempt to speak out loud was met with an interruption by another group member. After the group is over she is the first one to leave the room.
In a 2–3-page paper, describe the intervention you would use in this situation. You should include a discussion of ethical, multicultural, and best practice considerations, along with a rationale for your choice of interventions. In addition, you should describe how you feel your intervention may affect the group dynamics, and how your actions could influence the therapeutic process.
Include references to at least 2 peer-reviewed resources, and follow APA guidelines. This assignment is due at the end of Week 5.

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