The second goal reflections – A4

| November 16, 2015

This is a goal reflections paper for my GOALS CHECKPOINTS (Goal Progress Final) .
I have 3 goals and there are 4 questions about them.
I want from the writer to consider that these goals are his goals instead of me and answer the questions according to the unit
Content file and the topics files (Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 3) that I have been uploaded with my request. You will find my goals in the goals file.
The goal reflections are about your experience but should involve clearly explained sensible reasoning and concrete examples to back what you are saying. They can be answered without using external references, unless you are making factual claims that need authoritative support.
please see the instructions file for the details.
– Note: please see the uploaded files:
1- The topic files (Topic 1, Topic 2 and Topic 3).
2- the instructions file.
3- the unit Content
4- the goals file

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Violence in the media
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