The Savant Peer Educator Program

| February 9, 2014

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Detail will be on the attached file. GOOD INFORMATION ABOUT THE SAVANT PROGRAM: You can start by visiting the Office for Women’s Affairs website at
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The essay paper outlines information in relation to savant peer educator program which is part of office for women’s affairs empowerment project. The target groups are undergraduate and graduate students trained by community experts. The major concern about the program is to create awareness about gender equality, social justice, ethical living and empowerment. Savant peer educators try to equip peers with adequate knowledge of recognizing, preventing, and intervening relationship violence in addition to all forms of sexual assault, prejudice, relationship violence and unethical practices. The students are targeted while in university and after completion of higher learning. Savant uses friendly means such as exploration, debate, dialogue to pass important information relating to good means of maintaining discipline. Dialogue is a very important consideration by Savant presentations which emphasizes the latest relevant research which is important for students. A number of workshops have been organized by Savant to help university students. Students living in halls of residence, Greek houses, other social organizations and classroom
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