"The rules about the rules" by Stephen Carter

| February 26, 2014

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Use 1 quote from “the rules about the rules” by Stephen Carter
I. Introduction:
A. summary— focusing on an issue from one or both Texts.
B. Name the Author and the text
C. Statement from one or from both texts you have read.
D. Should imply or clearly state your thesis.
II. Development
A. background information
B. Alternative argument:
1. Arguments of the other side: the contra position
2. Explain why they make their claims
3. What proof they use.
4. Refutation (what is the weakness and disadvantage of this position)
C. Your position: you are now experts in this section; you have done it in the TS Eliot response essay.
1. Clarify, Restate, Explain
2. Support against what the other side has claimed
3. Support in favor of your position.
D. Conclusion
1. Sum up
2. Advantage of your position
3. Implications/benefits for the future
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Outline the arguement that rubbish is not worthless
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