The Role of Public Health in Health and Social Care

| February 11, 2014

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Documents margin : 1.9 – 2.54 cm.
Font size : 12 points body text and 14 points for heading.
Font type : Times New Roman
All figures , graphs and tables must be numbered .
Referencing style : Harvard
Task 1: write an essay on the importance of partnership working in the efficient delivery of public health services.You must include the following into your discussion to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of multi-agency collaboration :
roles of various local,national,international,and voluntary organisation;
epidemiological consideration such as geographical distribution of health condition and vulnerable groups;
include examples of infectious and non-infectious diseases;
the use statistical data to buttress the points being made,as much as possible.
Task 2:write an essay on the role of lifestyle choices in the health and well-being status of individuals and communities.You must include the following into your discussion to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of lifestyle choices in public health:
examples of lifestyle issues which can affect health and well-being;
priorities and approaches in the provision of health and social care
explain the factors to be considered in order to provide the best possible health and social care services in the community;
suggest ways of influencing lifestyle choices toward improving the health and well being of individuals and the community as a whole.
Task 3:write an essay on health and determinants of health.In the essay,relevant health and well being influencing factors ( biological,physical,environmental and social ) should be addressed;illustrative diagrams will be helpful to clarify the points being made.
outline the broad determinants of health as important factors to be considered in the development of health and social care;
analyse the benefits and disadvantages of the involvement of friends and family in the improvement of quality of health and social care provision;
discuss the value of education for health and social care workers,and also the public,in bringing about improvements in health and well being.
Task 4: self evaluation 500 words,showing your learning efforts,application of skills,sources of information and steps taken to ensure success in your learning .include relevant articles or publication in an appendix as evidence ( where applicable ) .
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