The role of marketing in the development of Dubai and New York

| January 27, 2015

MODEL REPORT The following pages contain a recently submitted English 214 report, which received an above-average grade. You will find notes about various aspects of it on each of the facing pages. Study these notes carefully and try to incorporate the requirements and recommendations into your own report. Note that the instructions set out below sometimes differ from APA style guidelines and from the model report on pages 338 to 354 in Successful Writing at Work. Where there are such differences, you must always follow the instructions below. NOTES 1. General Formatting Guidelines Use plain white A4-size paper. Use a regular 12-point font such as Times New Roman or Calibri. You may double-space the lines (APA recommendation) or use either 1.5 or 1.15 spacing (214 recommendation). Set all four margins to 2.5 cm. (one inch). Type on one side of the paper only. See also Successful Writing at Work, pp. 197-207. 2. Cover Page At the top of the cover page write the semester theme (20-point, boldface, centered, and capitalized). About three or four lines below it, write the title of your report using capital letters for the main words only. Center and boldface your title; the recommended font size is 32 points but this can be slightly larger or smaller depending on the length of the title. Your title should accurately and succinctly describe the focus of the report. Titles such as “The 2012 Financial Crisis” and “The Uses of DDT” are not acceptable because they do not indicate a clear focus.Better titles would be “The Role of the Banking Sector in the 2012 Financial Crisis” and “The Benefits of Using DDT in Malaria Prevention.” Your title should also show a clear link between your major and the semester’s theme. A few lines below the title, give the writer’s details: your name, your ID number, your section and serial numbers, and your major. All items are 16 points and centered. At just below the mid-point of the page, using a 14-point font, give the teacher’s…


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