The role and issues of Performance Management in Compensation Decisions.

| March 22, 2015

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Details of the Topic
object was to propose a practice within compensation and reward system that will help your organization realize overall organization object.
proposed practice: Implement a new compensation strategy that would increase employee moral and lead to increased enrollment number.
This will be done by: Analyze the key issues in job analysis, performance appraisal, compensation management, and ethical concerns to find the best-fit compensation strategy.
The organization: is a university that helps students achieve their education goals. There are six occupational groups that make up the organization management 20%, faculty 25%, administrative 30 %, technical 15%, maintenance 5%, security 5%.
The mission of the university is to fulfill the student educational needs while providing the best customer service.
The organizational goal is to increase enrollment numbers
Paper requirements
A detailed summary of the best practice (new compensation structure), including any information on usage across similar organizations and research on its effectiveness/impact.
Your proposal on a new compensation structure must review current research related to this practice. Based on your research, discuss potential advantages and disadvantages to implementation of a new compensation structure in general and then specific to the strategic needs of the organization(which is university)?
In particular, be certain you relate to the organization’s strategic objectives (compensation structure must help the university to increasing enrollment numbers by improving employees moral), HR mission and other HR sub-functions impacted by this proposed compensation structure.
• Why are you recommending this compensation structure for your organization(university)?
• What specific organizational level and/or HR policies and practices can be impacted by incorporating this new compensation structure in your organization’s staffing policies?
• Under what conditions would you favor use of this approach?
• What concerns would you have about this approach given your organization’s strategic objectives?
Please include information about the effectiveness of this practice(new compensation structure) at other organizations, including any impact (expected and unexpected) on HR outcomes and costs.
Indicate how this best practice(new compensation structure) is part of the overall approach to Compensation and the decisions.
• Does this proposal differ across occupational groups within the organization? How so?
• How should your organization monitor and evaluation effectiveness post implementation?
• How will this program be communicated to employees?
• Under what circumstances would this best practice (new compensation structure) be inappropriate for your organization and/or some of the occupations within the organization?
• How will you monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program(compensation structure) once implemented—specific metrics/measures should be included?
. An emphasis on Strategic Compensation and interrelationships among topic and HR sub-functions is expected.
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