The Revival of the Ku Klux Klan During the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950's

| February 9, 2014

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Barcelona College History 5003: MODERN HISTORY, 1945-PRESENT ASSIGNMENT: RESEARCH PAPER Due: Week Twelve, Day 3 Value: 20% of your final grade Assignment Description: Students must write a five page, thesis-based, research paper that makes use of four secondary sources and one primary source. The sources must be academic (no Wikipedia) and cited using Chicago-style bibliographic formatting. For a complete listing of essay specifications, students should review the Essay Writing Checklist available on Barcelona Online. For assistance with essay planning, please consult the steps included below. An assignment of this type requires some planning. The following outline includes a series of steps and resources that will assist you in completing this paper on time. Step 1: Understanding the Assignment ?? Read the assignment outline and essay writing checklist available on Barcelona Online ?? Re-read your essay proposal as well as the comments you received ?? Raise any questions that you might have about how to approach your topic Step 2: Obtaining and Using your Sources ?? Make sure that your primary and secondary sources are available for you to use ?? Add or alter sources as needed ?? For assistance finding alternate sources, please visit Barcelona?¦s Virtual Library ?? Begin researching your paper Some tips on taking research notes: ?? You do not need to read every page of your secondary sources, but rather should be concentrating on finding information about your particular argument ?? When taking notes from your research materials, it is best to copy the material carefully and exactly, always paying special attention to the author?¦s name, title, and page number ?? You can then decide what material to paraphrase, quote, and summarize later Step 3: Writing a Thesis Statement ?? Your thesis statement should be informed by your research ?? Your thesis statement states the essay?¦s subject and reflects the essay?¦s purpose ?? It must be written clearly and concisely ?? It may also briefly state the subtopics of the essay If you are having difficulty writing a thesis statement, you may make use of one of the following templates: By examining, and my paper proves that ?K My paper argues that ?K. For additional resources on writing good thesis statements, see: Once you have created a manageable thesis statement, complete additional research on your sub-topics. Step 4: Writing the Draft ?? Write a draft of your paper using your research notes and sources The following are some general guidelines for writing each component of a history paper: Introduction: ?? You introduction should be no longer than half a page ?? The purpose of the introduction is to show where you are going with the paper 5 things that should be addressed: Background and Scope Context Thesis Sub-topics explored in the paper Body: ?? The body of your paper should be used to develop your argument as outlined in your thesis statement ?? In the first paragraph of the body, you can elaborate on the elements of background and context first raised in your introduction ?? Simplify your language and avoid metaphors and overly emotional or flowery language ?? The body of your paper is where you make the greatest use of your primary and secondary sources How and when to use primary and secondary sources: ?? Use primary and secondary sources to support your argument ?? Do not be over reliant on primary and secondary source quotations ?V Remember that this is ultimately your paper and your sources should supplement your ideas, rather than state them for you ?? Introduce sources using opening remarks such as: In the words of one historian?K.. ; According to Marita Sturken, author of Tangled Memories?K ; Historian Paul Boyer has suggested that, ?K ?? Always provide footnotes indicating where you received your information Conclusion: ?? Re-state your thesis in different words and summarize your major points ?? Leave the reader with something thought-provoking For additional resources, see: Step 5: Proofreading your Paper ?? Re-read your paper using the Essay Writing Checklist as a guide ?? Make any necessary edits ?? Exchange papers with a friend and revise accordingly ?? Submit to for plagiarism detection For assistance with proof-reading techniques, please visit: Step 6: Submitting the Final Paper ?? Before class, re-read your paper one more time and make any final edits ?? Ensure that your assignment is properly formatted as outlined on the Essay Writing Checklist ?? Staple and submit in class ?? Submit to the dropbox online for plagiarism detection Congratulations on completing the assignment!
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Ku Klux Klan was formed in May 1866 at a place known as Pulaski, Tennessee. It started as a social club or fraternity wearing ropes, hoods and high conical pointed hats. This dressing code which was not meant to scare nor harm anybody ended up scaring people especially the former slaves in the area. Having discovered that they were being feared, they decided to take advantage of that situation. It is in that particular moment, they came up with a group of their own, the Ku Klux Klan. In 1867, the Ku Klux Klan met in order to come up with rules and organizational structures which were meant to be adhered to by all members. It is in this meeting that the former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was elected Grand Wizard or Supreme leader of the group. With time, the group was later separated into a number of realms, dominions, provinces and dens. The main aim of this group, Ku Klux Klan was to protect the whites that belonged to the Southern States against the wicked Northern whites and the Negros
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