The Relationship between Cofilin rods inclusions and Phospho-Tau in the Alzheimer Brain.

| May 28, 2014

Abstract (150 words)

A brief short summary of the research article:Motivation/problem statement, Methods/procedure/approach, Results/findings,Conclusion/implications.

Introduction ( 450 words)

*A Literature review of the 4 articles indicating the reason behind doing these experiments. Possible outcomes and objectives of the experiments.

* The role of cofilin in AD and normal ageing. Is there any relationship associated with cofilin in Alzheimer brain.

* Thephosphorlation of tau in AD.

* Look into the relationship between cofilin and tau in Alzheimer disease (AD)

Methods (300 words)

Materials used in research.

Results (300 words)

Figures and findings observed to determine the objectives of the research. In the uploaded articles I have highlighted a specific figures to help in writing this section.

Discussion (1000 words)

*Was the hypothesis in article number 1 and 2 addressed in the findings?

*Relationship between cofilin and tau also if they co-localize with each other or with different antibodies.

*Any implications or further study should be done n the future.


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Alzheimer's Disease

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