the relationship between change management and the performance of a firm

| October 16, 2015

“What is the relationship between change management and the performance of a firm?”

Please use the following in the references
1.Advanced Strategic Management – Study Guide.
2.‘Business Model Generation’ by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur, Wiley 2010
1.Advanced Strategic Management – Study Guide
2. assignment requirement

As you will see in the attachment assignment, the essay has to address a topic that interest me. I have chosen the topic of “What is the relationship between change management and the performance of a firm?”. (if you would agree with me!)
You will need specific case(s)detail & change type described (having set up a typology of change) if you are going to consider resource allocation, cost etc.
Given the detail needed when looking at change I would not have several cases. Moreover, whilst you can look at historical change situations it would
be better to have at least one ‘live’ change situation so you can develop a specific managerial agenda.
ASM prefers Agendas to Conclusions. I also prefer that if you if you can incloude an example from my experience (preferable an example from a company that is operating in Saudi Arabia) that is related to the topic as well. I think the introduction has to be a Literature Review type of thing.
I Also believe that you should address the following points:
1. Competitive Environment: (The management of growth, or decline, or recession)
2. Company Strategy: (How to develop and cascade Mission? – How to acquire and integrate? – How to form and manage the alliance? – How to strengthen this capability?)
3. Aspects of Implementation: (How to better manage organisational synergy? – How to develop and cascade the Balanced Scorecard?)


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