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| October 26, 2015


(ii) Please read all the questions thoroughly and answer all of them.

(iii)The report must include all website and articles references used in making the report. In case of absence of references marks shall be deducted. (references includes 1 mark

Assignment – Saudi Arabia’s Economic Identity

To help you find companies go to:
or Google: yahoo finance

Ø You are required to prepare the assignment in the form of a paper report.

1. You are required to prepare the profile of the company using complete sentences i.e. approximately 1 paragraph. (3marks)

2. Prepare a chart profiling 3 different Saudi Companies.
Ensure that at least 1 company comes from each of the Major Industries:
· Primary Industries (Agriculture, Fishing, Forest, Mining)
· Manufacturing Industries
· Service Industries

3. Describe to me the following:

· What those companies do? (3marks)
· Provide an example of what each company produces.(3marks)
· How many people work for them?(3marks)
· When were they founded? (3mark)
· What were their profits last year? (if available on the website) (3mark)

Examples of Companies:

If you want more you can check the following websites: , ,, etc.

Primary Industries
Manufacturing Industries
Service Industries
· National Agricultural Development Company(NADEC)
· Zamel Steel Holding
· Saudi Oger
· Pertro Rabigh
· Yanbu National Petro Chemicals
· Saudi Arabian Airlines
· NAS Air
· Mobily
· Zain

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