The quantitative analysis of Affordable Care Act

| April 6, 2014

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The topic of this paper, the Public Finance Quantitative Analysis, is an empirical consideration of an important policy issue: an explicit analysis of the policy options and how and why it was selected for implementation. Used the chart if you need.
1). All the citation have to be economic source. Should use the source like
a. American Economic Review
b. Review of Economic Studies
c. Economic Journal
The first two parts of your outline should be in part 1:
part 2, you should begin with what you are analyzing explicitly and discuss quantitative method and results.
1. Introduction and it’s Importance
a. In this section you introduce the issue, describe it, and give general context.
i. Talk about the magnitude of the problem
ii. Why is it important now? Why is it ripe for your research?
iii. Only talk about the solutions if you want to give them as context
2. Review of the Literature
a. In this section you talk about what everyone else has published about it (if not everyone than the most influential)
i. A review of the literature isn’t just a bunch of quotes taken from studies you found. You briefly summarize what the author says, but more importantly you talk about what you learned from their article and how it will be incorporated into your later research
ii. Include a brief summary of what the consensus is within the literature
3. or 4. Economic Framework
a. Talk about the economics that you will be using to analyze your later analysis
i. Bombard the reader with economics here. Talk about why you choose one economic theory over another here. Convince the reader that you know what you are talking about and how economics is helping your thought process.
4. Or 3. Methodology
a. Talk about any decisions that went into the process here. This includes most specifically why you chose the data you did, and why you plan to/ did the analysis that you did do.
i. This can be a discussion on anything from why you are listening to some literature over another, or why you are using data from the source you are.
5. Analysis
a. This is your quantitative analysis. Talk about something new here. Create new information pertaining to your topic, even if it means doing something outside of the box to be novel.
i. Take the data, do something with it. Show the reader. Tell the reader how to interpret. Talk about what it means. Introduce some implications.
6. Conclusions
a. Talk about the implications extensively and tell readers what the best course of action is. You are writing about an issue… this means there must be solutions. If you want to refute or support a previously suggested option this is where you do it. Conclude your thoughts and wrap up the paper.
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