The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson

| February 3, 2014

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The late Thomas Jefferson is cherished and revered by many for his great achievements in the American history. He immensely attained success in many aspects and areas of life where he engaged in. However, he personally wished to be remembered for drafting the Declaration of American Independence, religious freedom for State of Virginia and as the Father of the University of Virginia. Jefferson was born to Mr. Peter Jefferson and Mrs. Jane Randolph Jefferson in April 13th 1743 in Shadwell that is today called Albemarle. Unlike his father, his mother was from an able ancestry. He enrolled in College of William and Mary for formal education at the age of 17 years in (1760-1762) and later went to George Wythe to study law (Forrest, 1976). At the time of his election as President, Thomas Jefferson’s first election simmered in a standoff through tie and delayed results with his running mate Aaron Burr. In the runoff Jefferson emerged winner and took office as president. He then assumed office with a surprise reconciliatory appeals to his opponents. He called on them to join hands with him in forming a united America by shunning division amongst themselves. Jefferson’s strong belief……….ORDER NOW…
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