The Post-War World

| May 20, 2015

Use the assigned reading in the textbook (Smith, pp. 905-19) to answer the following questions. Do not use other sources.


  1. Summarize the major agreements of the Peace of Paris treaties.





  1. Explain the mandate system and European justifications for it. How did the peoples living in the new mandate territories react? Why?





  1. Name the Turkish nationalist leader who became head of the new country of Turkey. List some of his major reforms.





  1. Who became China’s leader in the 1920s? Which political group was his main rival?




  1. Which people sought to liberate themselves from the British and proclaimed independence in 1919? Name the “self-governing dominion” they established in 1921.





  1. Where else did rebellions break out against British, French, and Dutch colonial powers? How did the colonial powers respond?




  1. Describe the “new woman.”




  1. Name the inventor whose wireless technology allowed for the development of radio. Where was he from?



  1. Who was Mohandas Gandhi? What criticisms did he make of Britain and the West? What was his goal?




10. Who was Sheikh Hassan al-Bannan? What criticisms did he make of the West? What was his goal?

RECOMMENDED READING: Crossroads and Cultures, Volume II: Since 1300: 2


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