the Otto cycle

| January 30, 2015

A four-cylinder, four-stroke, 2.2-L gasoline engine operates on the Otto cycle with a compression ratio of 10. The air is at 100 kPa and 60°C at the beginning of the compression process, and the maximum pressure in the cycle is 8 MPa. The compression and expansion processes may be modeled as polytropic with a polytropic constant of 1.3. Using constant specific heats at 850 K, determine (a) the temperature at the end of the expansion process, (b) the net work output and the thermal efficiency, (c) the mean effective pressure, (d) the engine speed for a net power output of 70 kW, and (e) the specific fuel consumption, in g/kWh, defined as the ratio of the mass of the fuel consumed to the net work produced. The air–fuel ratio, defined as the amount of air divided by the amount of fuel intake, is 16.

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An ideal Otto cycle
ideal Ericsson cycle

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