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The Nuba of central Sudan: facing genocide

In the center of Sudan, living in the rocky Nuba Mountains are the Nuba people. The 30,000 square miles of cultivatable hillsides and valleys belong to a group of 50 or more distinct and ethnically diverse tribes, reaching a total population of 2.7 million. Upholding complete tribal culture and organization, the Nuba have occupied the Nuba Mountains for centuries. This land is home to rich fertile soils and has escaped the drought affecting the rest of the country. However, the scarce natural resources that the Nuba reside on have attracted the greed of exploitive foreigners. In recent times, large-scale agriculture and mechanized farming has become fully entrenched in Sudan. As a result, the Government established new land titles that essentially took indigenous land away from them. Forming a resistance, the Nuba suffered many years of oppression and genocide. Today, in a civil war filled country, Globalization has affected their way of life. This paper will study the impact of modernization on the Nuba and how their culture has changed over the centuries.

• How has the Government handled the Nuba?

• What limitations have the government imposed on the Nuba?

• How have their traditional practices been affected?

• How have their traditional values been affected?

• What role does the Nuba paly in the civil war between the government of Sudan and the SPLA?

• How has technological implementations affected the Nuba?

• What are some of the basic traditions of the Nuba (myths, superstitions) that are being affected or are misunderstood by foreign influence?

• What diseases and health problems have arisen due to the increased exposure to foreigners and new nutrition?

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