The moral Virtues and the Ten Commandments

| March 1, 2014

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This paper must be in accurate MLA style. The paper must be in high quality. The assignment must be followed to the letter. Each section has specific instructions, and they must be followed. Each assignment should have it own heading so the paper won’t run together. When the assignment says you must structured your essay around a thesis statement, and included certain elements, and you must quote passages this must be done!!!! You must state your thesis statement. There can not be any misspelled words, or grammar issues. There must be logical development. It is essential that you write clearly and succinctly. You must only use the sources that I provide. There must be evidence that you read the reading material by citing. Citing the material must be done properly. Some of the reading materials are from websites I will provide that information in the required reading upload. Theses instructions must be followed!!!!! If you have any concerns they must be made known immediately for this assignment is time sensitive. This assignment requires that you read the reading materials. I will upload the reading for Romanus Cessario, O.P. All the rest of the readings are websites that you will find in the required readings. also texts need to be cited accurately (with page, paragraph, or section numbers);
• citations need to be used for your own words that paraphrase content;
• there should be no overuse of direct quotations; put more in your own words;
• there is no comma in the citation after the author’s name (e.g., Pinckaers 19);
• large quotations need to be pulled out and blocked.
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Wrath Christ Son of God


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