The Modern Chinese Poets: Zhimo Xu and Yiduo Wen

| March 11, 2014

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Your objective should be to craft a comparative and contrastive research paper by focusing on two modern Chinese poets Zhimo Xu and Yiduo Wen.
The research paper will be based on your understanding of modern Chinese poetry, and compare and contrast two poems written by those two poets? from the perspectives of their background, genre, writing style, life experiences and their poems.
You must use the poem "Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again" from Zhimo Xu as example to compare and contract with one of Yiduo Wen?s poem ?Stagnant Water?. You are not just compare and contrast the poem itself but also based on poets? background, genre, writing style, life experience and the China society condition at that time, thus, how those factors influenced and reflected on their poems differently by using evidence from research to construct the paper.
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Introduction to literary studies
Choose ONE of the following poems from The Harbrace Anthology of Poetry: “Winter Evening”(HP 190-91), “A Country Without a Mythology” (HP 261-62), “The Landlady” (HP 268-69), or “Border Station” (HP 370-71). Present a detailed analysis of the poem you have chosen.


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