The merger between Publicis and Omnicom

| February 16, 2014

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The questions are as follows, and you are required to make proposals and recommendations that are supported and justified in full:
Leadership and the plan for rotating leadership: you need to state clearly if this is a good idea and if so why; otherwise you need to recommend how to change it and why;
Cultural barriers and cultural integration: you need to state clearly what these barriers are, and how you can overcome them, bearing in mind that you have three locations ? Paris, New York and the new office in Amsterdam;
New name: you need to say what you think the new name of the company should be and why; or if you think they should not change the name then you need to say why;
Business development: you need to state how you think the business should be developed and where and why this should happen; as we said in class, to say ?China? or ?Brazil? is not enough ? you need to be more precise than this, and you need also to state what you think the clients will be wanting from this also.
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AT&T - Securities Fraud
Examine the likely implications of a large country engaging in loose monetary policy for exchange rates


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