the Marketing mix and propose ethical dilemmas associated with this element

| June 19, 2015

the Marketing mix and propose ethical dilemmas associated with this element

On completion of this module you should appreciate the complexity of international and global marketing including:
• The global marketing environment;
• The analysis of international marketing opportunities;
• The development of global marketing strategies;
• The design of global marketing programmes; and
• The management of the global marketing process

While accomplishing the above the better student should be able to:
• Confidently defend a decision based on case material and persuade an acting Board of Directors of its appropriateness to the situation;
• Present the findings in the form of a convincing marketing report which stands up to questioning from an academic and practical viewpoint.



Ethics and Marketing Component by Michelle Broadley

The second part of the course will address business ethics, specifically in the marketing context. Marketing builds and maintains the external and internal relationships necessary for the effective and profitable functioning of the organisation. The complexities of fulfilling the needs and expectations of the various parties involved can lead to a series of conflicting pressures in the decision making process on marketing matters. Ethical marketing dilemmas which face the marketing manager on a daily basis are examined


Teaching and Learning Strategy

A mixture of formal and informal methods of learning will be adopted. Considerable input from course participants is planned through presentations, case study analysis and group discussion. Formal material will outline the different perspectives and models which can be applied to analysing international and ethical marketing behaviour. Discussions and interactive activities will encourage participants to critically examine key elements of international and responsible marketing further.
International Marketing and Ethics Assignment Brief


For the Ethics part of the International Marketing and Ethics module assessment the student will undertake to examine a company in respect to Marketing decisions that have been made for products and or its strategy. The analysis may focus on the specific e.g. promotional aspects or alternatively the student may prefer to focus on the company’s ethical marketing stance citing examples of Marketing decision making that support the thrust of the students argument.

A major part of the assignment should thus take the form of a critique, and students should develop their argument drawing on ethical Marketing theories and practice. The students, however, may wish to initially descriptively discuss briefly the Marketing decisions of the company they have chosen to focus on, prior to the assignment analysis.

The organisation chosen for the focus of the assignment is to be independently selected by the student. The student is expected to write up to approximately 2500 words for the assignment.

Skills Development

The module assignment offer the opportunity for students to independently identify and appreciate Marketing decisions and ethical dilemmas associated with the consequences of such decision making. It is expected the assignment will enable the student to enhance their skills of analysis and methods of critique. In addition the assignment will develop research skills and an understanding of Marketing management.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module each student will be expected to be competent in being able to:-

1. Recognise the ethical considerations that are integral to responsible Marketing decision making
2. Identify and appreciate the human and financial consequences of marketing actions on individuals, organisations and societies
3. Critically assess the ethical climate of the specific organisation under analysis and examine the organisations ethical Marketing stance.
4. Suggest alternative ethical and responsible Marketing decisions for an organisation considered for analysis

Assignment Brief

Individual Report Assessment

Choose one of the elements of the Marketing mix and propose ethical dilemmas associated with this element. Provide examples from an International organisation you have chosen to support your argument.

2500 words Deadline date: – Term 1 24th January 2013; Term 2 23rd May 2013

Indicative Reading


Marketing Ethics (2008) by Brenkert; Blackwell Publishing

Marketing Ethics an International Perspective by Schelgelmilch; Thompson Business Press

Additional Reading:-

• Ethical Marketing Decisions (1993), by Lazzniak & Murphy
Publisher, Alleyn & Bacon

• Changing Corporate Values (1991), by Adams & Curruthers

• Key Issues in Business Ethics (1989), by Donaldson

• Business Ethics Roles And Responsibilities (1995), by Josephs

• Ethics in Marketing (2nd Ed, 1996), by Smith & Quelch
• International Marketing Review

• Harvard Business Review

• Ethical Consumer

• Journal of Business Ethics

• Journal of Consumer Marketing

• Journal of Marketing

• Marketing Week


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