The Long Road Personal Statement Admissions Essay Need help with personal statement/admissions essay. “The personal statement gives you the opportunity to

The Long Road Personal Statement Admissions Essay Need help with personal statement/admissions essay.

“The personal statement gives you the opportunity to present yourself more fully to our Specialized Master of Business – Analytics Admissions Committee and to provide insight into your experiences, goals, and thought processes.”

Please provide a statement (limited to two printed pages or 750 words, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12pt. font) that describes:
-your short-term and long-term goals
-your reasons for seeking a Master’s degree in general
-why you believe a Fisher College of Business degree will help you achieve these goals

I have a guideline and about 300 or so words written that i would like to somehow include but i need help with making it better and making it flow while telling my story. I also have listed my goals the other requirements on my attached paper as well. Really stuck with this and need as much help as possible. The Long Road
Growing up as a child, I had always dreamed of being successful like most kids do. Little did I know that I
would take an unorthodox path.
Growing up, I had always envisioned of attending The Ohio State University for a business degree and
having the opportunity to represent Buckeye Nation. I started preparing for this in High School by taking
accounting and business classes and was extremely successful with them. At that time, I had no idea
that would be all that I would accomplish towards achieving my goal.
Working at a couple different jobs throughout the next few years, I had a CFO of a company reach out to
me offering me an entry job at an accounting company that wanted someone who needed schooling
and had interest in the accounting and business fields. I took her up on the offer and started working for
a great company. At this point, I knew I wasn’t going to get a degree from Ohio State but I wanted to be
successful and this was my first stepping stone. After working there about 6 months, the opportunity to
get college paid for was no longer going to be a reality. I was back to square one still stuck on what to
At that point in time I was 23, had nothing going on with my life and really wanted to make a change. I
wanted an escape and something new. I decided to go talk to a Navy Recruiter in my hometown. After a
month of intense deliberation, I decided to take the leap and join the United States Navy. After 4 years
of getting established, I decided to take the opportunity to utilize their Tuition Assistance Program and
let them pay for my college. In 2017, while stationed in Virginia Beach, I enrolled into Regent University
to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Accounting. Two and a half rigorous years later while continuing to
serve Active Duty, I was able to graduate with my Degree. This moment of accomplishment for me has
catapulted me into wanting to continue my child hood dream of attending Ohio State University.
My Short Term goal is to obtain my Masters of Business Analytics
My Long Term goal is to get a job working with the government utilizing my masters degree.
Im looking to obtain a Masters Degree because I want to continue my education and with my
Government background I hope to get a job with the government in some capacity.
I want to obtain a degree from Fishers College of Business because of the regards in how this school
fosters leadership and global awareness. I feel being in the military have extensive leadership training
but would benefit extremely well from a more traditional leadership approach

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