The legal implications of using data from social media in making recruitment decisions

| July 17, 2015

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– This is a legal dissertation and you must therefore seek to deal with the law.
– That would include the legal definitions of discrimination in the jurisdictions.
– I think you may benefit from setting out your contents page with a note underneath each chapter/heading which states quite clearly what the points are that you are making/seek to address and what is the basis for your assertions plus the evidence for this in clear and simple language.
– Please put in clear what the issues are you are addressing and I think it would be helpful for you to set those out in simple terms to make sure you are writing to address those points and not losing words on irrelevant or unnecessary paragraphs.
– Please use same writing style which I used in dissertation proposal. I mean, you need to think very carefully about what you are attempting to say and communicate that in a simpler way.
My necessary requirements:
– (OSCOLA) style references.
– Ensure very good quality writer in law (top 10 Writers in law).
– Words account includes footnotes, but does not include front page, bibliography, tables of contents or appendices.
– Structure includes (abstract, Outline, Research question, introduction, chapters, acknowledgments, Conclusion and Recommendations or finding)
– I’ve bad experience with previous writers, so, please sure to choose one is most experience in law and guarantee of plagiarism (100%). (Please writer words, must avoid copy & paste).
– Use a various referencing (books, cases, articles, newspapers, webs, etc).
– 50 or more references.
– The dissertation should include:
• A title
• A table of contents
• An introduction including a concise discussion of the scope, aims, and context of the research. This entails an outline of what the paper will seek to achieve (aims), why the question is considered important (context), how it will seek to achieve the aims (scope), and what it will not seek to achieve.
• In some instances it may be important to include details of the methodology to be deployed. This is particularly the case should a student envisage conducting any form of empirical research.
• A substantive discussion of all pertinent issues.
• A conclusion that summarises the material covered, presents the main findings, and offers such recommendations as can be sustained on the strength of the foregoing analysis.
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