The legal environment of business text and cases

| September 30, 2015

The legal environment of business text and cases

Illya owes Jenny $1,000. In a separate deal, Kasey owes Illya $1,000. Illya unconditionally assigns his rights in the deal with Kasey to Jenny. Illya’s right to the $1,000 is then

D.assigned to a court.

Sonya and Taylor enter into an oral contract that is required to be in writing to be enforceable. Such a contract is normally ?

A.voidable by a party who does not wish to follow through with it.
D.voidable but only by consent of both parties.

Mark is creating, a Web site through which he will enter into contracts over the Internet. Important terms to include in his offers include

A.provisions specifying the remedies if the contract is breached.
B.a detailed history of his business.
C.glowing reviews from former customers.
D.his educational background.

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