The Late Bloomers: China

| June 28, 2015

Make sure to work in each and every folders.


 Looking at the internal problems in China (read all the articles that I have posted till now as well as the two documentaries) do you think that Rise of China is inevitable or it may collapse like any other authoritarian regimes including former Soviet Union and East European Countries?  Be very careful with your arguments and try not to make generalization. Your essay should be five pages long.  Due June 18 + 2 Extra days
Governance and Policy Making, Political Economy and Development, Representation and Participation


Required Readings (click the highlighted text):

The Price of Marriage

NYT: China Blog

Kesselman et. al. Introducing Comparative Politics, Chapter 13


 Movie / Documentary

1. Last Train Home (2009) Or….only for those students who have already seen the Last Train Home in my other classes. Please Vote for Me by Chen Weijun ;

2. Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion (2003)

  • 1. Discuss two movies here. Do not summarize.

  • 2. It should be five pages long

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Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration
To what extent are there moral limits on private property ownership according to two of the following philosophers; Aristotle and Marx, and what, if any, are the political implications of these limits (or lack of limits)?

Category: Political Science

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